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  Winning the Race Against Drugs

May 06, 2016 11:50 ET

More than 6,500 students from the Durham District School Board joined the race against drugs this week in Whitby. The annual Racing Against Drugs (RAD) program teaches youth about the dangers of using drugs and is an initiative which encourages children to live healthy, drug-free lifestyles. The event ran from May 2 to May 6, 2016 at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre.

This interactive and educational program was developed by the RCMP and is supported by a committee of members from DRPS, Durham Region schools and other community organizations. Since its implementation in 1998, over 121,000 students have participated in this initiative, with the goal of increasing substance abuse awareness.

During each half-day session, students raced around to each "pit stop" consisting of various activities and informative displays, and were taught about the effects of drugs and alcohol. They also learned the importance of being committed to their own personal health and safety and offered suggestions for healthy alternatives. The success of this program is due in part to its connection to auto racing. At the end of each session, students gathered together to cheer on their school at the final race on a brand new remote controlled race car track.

Learning begins in the classroom each year, with teachers delivering the RAD curriculum and encouraging students to lead healthier lifestyles through activity.

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