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  Increased Road Construction In Pickering

May 13, 2016 14:05 ET

It has been a busy season for road construction along Brock Road in Pickering and DRPS is asking motorists to be patient as it continues.

Officers are reminding drivers of the importance of driving carefully in construction zones. Currently there are three major projects happening along Brock Road:

*Construction at the 401 bridge - the eastbound 401 on ramp cannot be accessed when travelling south along Brock Road. When travelling eastbound 401 and exiting on Brock Road, the northbound lanes are closed and traffic is being directed southbound. Many people are making illegal U-Turns as a result.

*Kingston Road and Brock Road construction is underway for new bus lanes.

*Construction is taking place Brock Road North between Concession 4 (Rossland Road) to just south of Taunton where speeding is an issue.

Motorists are reminded that fines are doubled in construction zones and speeding through these areas or making illegal U-Turns can put the construction workers and other motorists at risk.

The Region of Durham is works hard to keep construction zones safe and reminds residents not to move or obstruct barriers or pylons as they are there for a reason. It's particularly important to have these barriers up at night, especially when there are no workers present.

The road construction is particularly heavy along the 407 and Highway 7 corridor as expansion continues. Brock Road acts as a major feeder road for traffic coming off the 407 and down to the 401. DRPS would like to thank residents for their ongoing patience.

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Pickering Brock Road Construction (JPG file, 228.2K bytes)