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  Cops and Kids Work Together

Jul 06, 2016 13:50 ET

Recently, cops and kids worked together to participate in two great programs.

For the second year in a row, DRPS officers and Youth in Policing (YIP) students participated in the ProAction Cops & Kids Spartan Race in Clarington. The event took place at Brimacombe Ski Club on July 3, and had runners find their way through a challenging obstacle course in the mud.

The action packed obstacle course was tackled by D/Cst. Brian Stewart, Csts. Angela Sitaram and Adam Sigmann, YIP co-ordinator Jessica Bender and a group of brave YIP students. They spent 12 weeks training and conditioning for the event at Are You Game Conditioning Club in Whitby, and saw all of their hard work pay off on race day over the long weekend.

The race is funded by ProAction Cops & Kids, and is a way for officers to help motivate and encourage young people to stay active and positive. The dedication, focus and teamwork involved in training for and competing in an event like the Spartan Race builds the confidence and skills necessary to be successful in every aspect of their lives.

ProAction Cops & Kids also recently funded a program with Horses Help Canada, which allowed 16 students from G.L. Roberts and Monsignor John Pereyma high schools to participate in an eight-week program at Pringle Creek Farms in Millbrook, Ont. The program, which recognizes the therapeutic properties of animals, teaches youth about healthy relationships and setting personal boundaries. By using horses to show that actions dictate a reaction, the kids learned to respect themselves and others, and to recognize and listen to verbal and non-verbal cues from their peers.

Many of the kids interacted with horses for the first time during this program, which allowed them to conquer their fears, build confidence and experience something new. Additionally, they had the chance to build new relationships with fellow program participants. The program ended with a graduation ceremony in which the kids participated in a one hour trail ride and received participation certificates.

Csts. Amanda Cowan, Jen Kavanagh, Stephanie Puckrin and Heather Wilson helped facilitate the program, which allowed the kids to not only build partnerships with each other, but also with police.

ProAction Cops & Kids believes that establishing a positive relationship between cops and kids will strengthen our communities today and in the future. By funding programs like this one, cops and kids can be brought together to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.

For more information about ProAction Cops & Kids, visit their website here

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