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  Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Jul 08, 2016 13:11 ET

Going on a vacation requires a lot of preparation -- plane tickets, passports, packing and more. But one area that often goes overlooked is home security. Vacations and weekend getaways provide the perfect opportunity for burglars to strike, with crime involving residences increasing during the months of June, July and August. While you may have set the alarm code and locked all the doors and windows, your home may not be as safe and secure as you think it is.

DRPS would like to encourage members of the community to improve their home security, as well as offer tips for how to do so. With careful planning, crime can be minimized within our communities.

- Strengthen the entry points to your home by using deadbolts on all exterior doors, and reinforcing sliding doors and windows. A hockey stick or piece of wood can be placed in the door or window frame to prevent them from being slid open.

- Make sure all garage doors, gates and fences are closed and locked.

- If you are leaving vehicles in the driveway, make sure all items in the vehicle are out of sight. Also, consider disabling your garage door opener.

- Put interior and exterior lights on a timer. A well-lit house makes it appear as though someone is home, which deters burglars.

- If you do not already have an alarm system, consider installing one. Also, install motion-sensor lights to front and back entrances.

- Have a neighbour pick up your newspapers and other mail, as a buildup of mail indicates that the house is not being lived in.

- Trim shrubs and trees to ensure doors and windows are in clear view. Overgrown greenery makes it easier for thieves to go unseen.

- Consider engraving expensive or larger items with identification numbers (like telephone numbers or serial numbers), so that they can be easily identified in the event they are stolen.

DRPS would like to remind all residents to be cautious of break-ins, and to never enter your home if you suspect it has been broken in to. If it looks suspicious, don't hesitate to call the police. If you would like to gauge how secure your home is, you can take the Home Security Challenge quiz here.

You can also read the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services' Home Security Guide

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