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  Annual Ripple Effect Forum Inspires Change

Jul 21, 2016 12:40 ET

Today, DRPS Youth in Policing (YIP) students hosted youth and officers from across Ontario at the ninth annual Ripple Effect Forum. Ambassadors from police services in Durham, York, Kingston, and Halton (to name a few) were in attendance to support each other and inspire each other to better themselves and better their communities.

The event was packed with motivational speakers and workshops, and saw more than 600 officers and youth gather at General Sikorski Hall in Oshawa.

DRPS Chief of Police Paul Martin kicked off the morning, welcoming all in attendance and reminding the audience what the Ripple Effect Forum is all about - that one person's actions, no matter how big or small, can make a difference and inspire change for so many.

The key-note speaker, Michel Chikwanine, captivated the audience with stories of his childhood, explaining his experiences as a child soldier in Africa and the adversities he faced as a refugee moving to Canada for the first time. The stories helped share his message of resiliency and the importance of perseverance and perspective when faced with hardship.

The youth had the chance to participate in interactive workshops, where they learned about diversity and the importance of inclusivity, self-acceptance, passion and perseverance. After a quick break for lunch, the students spent the afternoon outdoors where they interacted and networked with some of our community partners, who had information booths set up at the forum.

DRPS is proud of our YIP students and wants to congratulate them on a fun and successful event that motivated and inspired so many.

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Michel Chikwanine captivates the audience (JPG file, 467.6K bytes)
YIP leader welcomes youth ambassadors (JPG file, 405.3K bytes)
Chief of Police Paul Martin gives opening remarks (JPG file, 269.0K bytes)
Michel Chikwanine receives a standing ovation (JPG file, 233.6K bytes)
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DRPS officers and key-note speaker Michel Chikwanine (JPG file, 236.7K bytes)