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  Chief For A Day Hopefuls Wow the Judges

Oct 11, 2016 07:59 ET

Eleven finalists in the "Police Chief for a Day" contest presented their winning essays titled "As Police Chief how would I make a difference in my community" in front of a community judging panel on September 30.

The Grade 5 students from across the region were picked up at their schools in DRPS cruisers and driven to Regional Headquarters where they met their families.

The judging panel was comprised of Chief Paul Martin, D/Cst. Darryl Rice from the Durham Regional Police Association, Bobbie Drew from the Police Services Board , as well as Andrew Gordon from Scotiabank and Bonnie Fraser, Bob Pinkney, Nancy Shaw and Norm Mackie from the Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night (PADAN).

One lucky student will be chosen as "Police Chief for a Day" and will fulfill those duties on Oct. 25. Also, in their position as Chief for a Day, the winner and two guests will attend the 14th Annual Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night on Oct. 27 to present their essay.

The finalists are: Liza MacCormack, Beau Valley PS; Cameron Carter Phillips, St. Elizabeth CS; Grace Grenke, St. Mark the Evangelist CS; Chelsea Winkle, Vaughan Willard Ps; Ethan Desroches, Meadowcrest PS; Kate Bennett, Robert Munsch PS; Ainsley Nelson, Duke of Cambridge PS; Ada Leahy, St. Matthew the Evangelist CS; Evan Schoonderbeek, Seneca Trail PS; Zsofia Bosze, Sir Albert Love CS and Andre Bell, Terry Fox PS.

All finalists did an outstanding job presenting their essays and are excellent representatives for their schools. The winner will be announced on October 3, 2016.
DRP congratulates all the winners!

Below are attached files.
Deputy Chiefs gather for a group shot after reading their speeches (JPG file, 763.4K bytes)
Liza presents her speech as Cst. Wilson looks on (JPG file, 2,561.3K bytes)
Kate is welcomed to the room (JPG file, 853.1K bytes)
Judges look on as Grace presents (JPG file, 848.4K bytes)
Ethan presents to the judges (JPG file, 765.7K bytes)
Chelsea comes in with her family (JPG file, 1,373.2K bytes)
Cameron waves to the judges (JPG file, 1,643.5K bytes)
Ainsley presents her speech (JPG file, 1,160.8K bytes)
Ada high fives Cst. Wilson following her speech (JPG file, 488.8K bytes)
Evan presents his speech (JPG file, 975.6K bytes)
Zsofia meets the judges (JPG file, 754.7K bytes)
Andre delivers his speech (JPG file, 1,345.6K bytes)
Chief Martin greets the deputie (JPG file, 632.1K bytes)