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  Youth Serve Local Seniors at Intergenerational Dinner

Dec 14, 2016 19:52 ET

DRPS officers joined students from J. Clarke Richardson High School in Ajax for an evening of holiday fun as they served dinner to local seniors.

The event, held in the high school cafeteria, is one of many Intergenerational Dinners being held across the region. The events have been running for the past 18 years, and DRPS officers have participated in the festivities for the past few years. This year members including Deputy Jaswal were put to work as they served drinks and salads to the guests before everyone took part in a buffet dinner. Students and officers took care of collecting plates and cleaning up.

The event is aimed at encouraging positive relationships between seniors and local youth. The students organize the event from start to finish and take care of marketing, coordinating, cooking and serving the roast beef buffet dinner.

Many seniors return year after year for the great food and entertainment. It also gives them a chance to meet with and get to know young people in their communities.

Thanks to Cst. Flis, local students members of DRPS West Division and everyone who took part in this special event.

Below are attached files.
Enjoying a laugh at the Intergenerational Dinner (JPG file, 123.7K bytes)
Handing out some drinks (JPG file, 366.4K bytes)
Kitchen staff have some fun before service begins (JPG file, 580.2K bytes)
Starting with some salad (JPG file, 342.3K bytes)
Chatting with some local seniors (JPG file, 379.8K bytes)
Serving the buffet dinner (JPG file, 331.3K bytes)
Getting ready for dessert (JPG file, 358.8K bytes)