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  Residents Warned About Secret Shopper Scams

Jan 25, 2017 13:27 ET

DRPS has received several reports from residents being contacted by people representing themselves as hiring for a company known as "Secret Shoppers."

This is a common fraud where a company employs people through email or text and convinces them to cash cheques that are sent to them, supposedly for payments from businesses in Canada. These unsuspecting individuals are scammed into depositing worthless cheques into their own personal accounts. They are then directed to send money from their personal accounts to an unknown person's account through e-transfers or companies like Western Union or MoneyGram etc.

After several days the cheques are found to be worthless and the victims have lost the money they sent. These victims are then responsible for the thousands of dollars they send to a fraudulent people

People are advised not to seek employment or try to make extra money from unknown individuals or companies. A legitimate company will never suggest an employee accept cheques that need to be deposited into their own personal bank account. They would also never ask that a portion of this money to be sent back to the person who issued the cheque.

If you feel you are the victim of a secret shopper scam or any other fraud, please contact police at 905-579-1520. You can visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre here.

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