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  Dancing Officer Becomes a Viral Sensation

Feb 07, 2017 12:38 ET

DRP's Cst. Singh of Central East Division was responding to the scene of a suspected fight in downtown Oshawa on Sunday night near the end of his shift, when he happened upon a (very peaceful) music video shoot. After making sure everything was in order, Cst. Singh decided it was time to bust a move with the crew.

"I saw eight people gathered around one person, so I can see how a member of the public thought it was a fight," said Cst. Singh. "But when I got closer I could see he was break dancing in the middle and there was someone filming it."

And Cst. Singh, who has been an officer with DRPS for a little more than a year, is a bit of an expert when it comes to rhythm. Before becoming a police officer he was a part of a dance troupe at Durham College. They were featured in music videos that aired on MuchMusic and once even opened for hip-hop artist Rick Ross.

The music video shoot Cst. Singh happened upon Sunday night was set-up by Vivid Media, who were filming with a UOIT dance troupe.

"We started chatting about music and dancing," said Cst. Singh who then showed his moves with the cameras rolling. The video was posted on Facebook and in less than a day had more than 500,000 views.

To check out Cst. Singh and his dance partner in action, click here:

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