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  Unseasonal Temps Mean Unpredictable Ice

Feb 24, 2017 13:47 ET

With milder temperatures over the past few days, DRPS is reminding residents to be mindful of changing ice conditions out on the lakes. The ice can be unsafe and unpredictable with the recent unseasonal thaw.

Officers and first responders often hear about pets wandering out near the shoreline where the ice can be quite thin. Never attempt to go after your pet, often times they will find their way back to shore unharmed. Children are also curious and attracted to the moving water, not realizing that it's very unsafe. If your pet or child wanders out on to the ice please call 911; emergency responders are fully trained to deal with the situation.

Another thing police see happening is people doing water runs on the lake, particularly on Lake Scugog. This consists of racing a snow mobile across the lake at high speeds. This is obviously very dangerous behaviour as the machine can go through thin or thawing ice, never mind the potential damage to the snow mobile.

Creeks, streams and rivers could also be hazardous during the thaw. Water could be flowing rapidly under a thin veil of ice and flooding is a risk. Parents should advise children to stay clear of open water when playing outdoors, as well as unstable stream embankments, lake shores, ponds and fast-flowing rivers. Kids should always play with a buddy.

It is very easy to slide into water during this time of year, and very difficult to climb out. The DRP asks residents to be vigilant when near any type of natural water system and to ensure your children are aware of safe play areas and danger zones.

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