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  Local Businesses Assist Resident in Need

Apr 28, 2017 10:08 ET

A Whitby resident who recently had his mobility bicycle stolen was presented with a special gift thanks to two local business owners and our Community Safety Unit.

John Southern, who has mobility issues, depends on his specially designed three wheeled bicycle to get around. Unfortunately these types of bicycles are a an attractive target for thieves and Mr. Southern's bicycle was stolen from his residence even though it was secured with a large cable. Due to the high cost, Mr. Southern wasn't able to replace the bicycle and therefore couldn't easily get around.

Fran Steyn from Frantastic's in Whitby reached out to Inspector Bruce Townley and Sgt. Dave Quantrill of the DRPS Community Safety Unit to see if something could be done to help. After hearing the news, Jeff Haynes of the Brooklin Home Hardware offered to donate a new bicycle at no cost to Mr. Southern.

The new bicycle was presented on April 27, 2017 at Mr. Southern's residence and he was overwhelmed with the kind donation. Thanks To Jeff Haynes and Fran Steyn for recognizing a need and going above and beyond to assist Mr. Southern.

Below are attached files.
Inspector Townley, Mr. Southern and Fran Steyn (JPG file, 2,716.6K bytes)
Inspector Townley and Jeff Haynes  (JPG file, 2,277.8K bytes)