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  Citizens Awarded for Going Above and Beyond

May 10, 2017 11:02 ET

At a special ceremony this morning, Durham Regional Police honoured citizens who went above and beyond to help victims in need.

Chief Paul Martin, Durham Regional Police Services Board Chair and Regional Chair Roger Anderson, DRP senior officers and local mayors presented awards to a group of citizens who chose to take action, either by assisting those in need or helping to stop or solve a crime. In many cases, these citizens put their own safety at risk.

The ceremony was held in the Council Chambers at Regional Headquarters in Whitby. Recognized for their efforts were:

Karl Paterson, Kostaki Papakonstantinou, Gary McMillan, Andrew Wilson and Conner Gibson: Students from Toronto were skiing at Lakeridge Ski Resort when one slipped off the chair lift and was stuck under the bar. Kostaki was on the chair as well and held onto the boy until help arrived. Karl, Gary, Andrew and Conner all were on the ground and deployed a catch net to safely bring an end to the incident.

Meghan Kelleher, Eric Noyes, Meredith Yeomans, Graham Beach and Jon Lorenzo: A male exercising at the Body Fit Health Club in Port Perry fell ill and collapsed. Meghan was working at the club at the time and found him on the ground with no vital signs. She immediately began CPR. Others came to assist and called 911. Another employee, Eric, located the AED and together they applied the pads and administered the shock which saved the man's life.

Crystal and Martin Manning: The couple witnessed a snowmobile fall through the ice on Lake Scugog. They called 911 and went to help snowmobiler. They threw out a rope and pulled the driver to shore, then took him into their home and cared for him until EMS arrived.

Mike Kozar and Victor Wesley: A woman screamed as a male robbed her of her purse, catching the attention of Mike and Victor, who saw the suspect running in their direction. They chased after him and he dropped the victim's purse and his hat as he jumped over a fence. The two walked the distraught victim to her apartment building so she would feel safe until police arrived.

Greg Hearn, Christine Gardner, Herman Grewal, Michael McNeil and Alan Drisdelle: A man approached a group of citizens who were standing by their car and became engaged in a verbal confrontation. As the confrontation continued, the accused reached into the right side of his pants. He pulled out a sawed-off shot gun and threatened to shoot the people he was arguing with. The armed man was physically detained by the citizens and the sawed off shot gun was wrestled away from him. Police arrived shortly after and the armed man was arrested.

Hope Currell: As she was walking home from work, Hope heard the screams for help and came upon a residence on fire. She covered her face with a sweater and ran inside but was forced back by the smoke and heat. She located the family cat and then comforted the two people who had escaped the unit.

Carolyn O'Leary and Ryan Howard: While walking along the Ajax waterfront, Carolyn found a woman and her young son crying on a bridge over Duffins Creek and walked with off the bridge. She knew something was amiss, so she stayed nearby. She heard Ryan, who was jogging in the area, calling for help. He had observed the female holding the boy's head under the water. Both citizens took him from the water and gave him first aid.

DRP would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these citizens for their outstanding contributions to public safety. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

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