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  Supporting Seniors in Our Community

Jun 06, 2017 12:43 ET

June is Seniors Month and the DRPS Seniors Support Unit will be attending community events and educating the public about senior safety, frauds and scams and elder homelessness. Unfortunately these trends continue to grow across the GTA.

Crime prevention and safe communities are important issues for everyone, but especially important for seniors, as they are often targets of abuse, fraud and theft and neglect. DRPS encourages the community to learn about these issues so that we can all help keep our communities safe. Sadly police services in Ontario are experiencing an increase in crimes, abuses, homelessness and quality of life involving seniors.
Education is key visit our website for tips on seniors safety.. The websites Elder Abuse Ontario and It's not right are also valuable resources. You can contribute to spreading the safety message ahead of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15 by using the following hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: #WEADD2017 #itsNotRight and #EAO.

Elder Abuse is defined as "a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action occurring in any relationship where there is an expectation of trust that causes harm or distrust in an older person." These include neglect, physical harm, financial exploitation, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. Any older adult, regardless of income, health, culture or ethnic background can become a victim. Elder abuse does not discriminate and occurs in the community and institutions across the world.

If you are the victim of elder abuse or know someone who may be please contact your local police department. The Elder Abuse Ontario seniors safety hotline number is 1-866-299-1011.

The DRPS Senior Support Unit is not an investigative unit, rather offers supports to community members, seniors and family. For more information, contact Senior Support Coordinator, Sgt. Sheri Tate at and Tammy Rankin 905-668-7711 ext 2460.

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