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  Celebrate Canada's 150th Safely!

Jun 30, 2017 14:07 ET

It's Canada's 150th Birthday and celebrations will be taking place right across the region. DRPS is encouraging residents to enjoy the festivities, but keep safety top of mind.

On the roads and waterways:

DRPS will have an increased presence on our major roads this long weekend to encourage motorists to slow down and drive safely. Officers will also be on the water to monitor boaters. They will be looking for infractions such as drinking and driving/boating, failure to wear a seat belt, aggressive driving and failure to wear a flotation device.

Motorists and boaters alike are reminded of the importance of the safe operation of their vehicles and vessels during the long weekend ahead. If your heading out of town make sure to take the time to check vehicles, including tires, wipers, brakes, lights, seat belts and fluid levels to ensure safe operation at all times. Leave extra time knowing that traffic will be busy and make sure you share the road with farm vehicles. If you're out on the water, make sure your vessel is equipped with the proper emergency equipment and flotation devices.

Check out some tips from our marine unit here.

Don't jeopardize your safety or the safety of your passengers and other vacationers. Be safe and obey all the rules of the road and water!

Crowd Safety

With Canada celebrating 150 years, large crowds will be gathering for celebrations at various locations across Durham Region. Parents and caregivers are reminded to keep a close eye on children and arrange a meeting spot should someone get lost or separated. Dress your kids in bright colours and consider taking a photo of them before heading out to celebrate. Make sure older children have a contact phone number and encourage them to travel in groups.

Fireworks Safety

If you opt to avoid the crowds and enjoy a fireworks display close to home, please consider the following safety tips:

-Buy fireworks from reliable sources that sell products that meet safety standards.
-Read and follow the directions on the label.
-Keep fireworks and sparklers away from children.
-Don't smoke around fireworks.
-Choose a wide, clear site without obstacles to set up your fireworks display
-Fireworks should be partially buried, at least half the length of the firework, in a bucket, box or wheelbarrow of sand or earth.
-Make sure to have lots of water close by
-Don't light fireworks in windy weather.
-Don't try to light a firework in your hand and don't hold a lit firework in your hand unless the instructions on the firework say the product was designed to be hand-held.

DRPS wishes everyone a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend!

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