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  Plan For Safety While Planning Your Getaway

Jul 12, 2017 13:13 ET

The summer season has arrived at long last and many are planning vacations, weekend getaways or even day trips to enjoy the summer months. As the weather heats up, so does potential criminal activity. Criminals are aware that people are away from home and unfortunately take advantage of this opportunity.

Whatever your plans are, make sure you keep safety at the top of your list as you schedule your adventures. Follow the guidelines below for personal safety and home security:

Social Media:
Social media can be a big part of your vacation, but the practice of posting information while you're out of town lets others know your home is likely unattended. The best practice is to save your vacation photos and updates until you get home and then share them on your favorite social media sites.

Protecting Your Home:
While you are away enjoying your summer getaway, you want to be comfortable knowing your home and property are safe. Taking the following precautions will help:

~Have mail and newspapers picked up by a neighbour or cancel them while away
~Have someone cut your lawn and water plants
~Utilize timers on lights, televisions and radios so it appears the home is lived in
~Let family members or friends know where you are and leave a spare key with them
~If you return home and see something suspicious like a broken window or door ajar contact police and do not enter the home.

Personal Safety:
Travelling is a great way to enjoy some time off work, whether it's a day at the beach or a month long trip overseas safety should be top of mind. The following travel tips for personal safety will give you peace of mind wherever you're spending your summer.

~Book travel through a reputable agency or website and do some research into the area you will be travelling to
~Make copies of all travel documents including passport and travel insurance information
~Leave expensive items like jewelry and electronics at home of utilize the hotel's safe deposit box
~Never leave luggage unattended and if driving, pack it in the trunk where it's out of sight
~Always be aware of your surroundings and present yourself with confidence
~If your instincts tell you something is wrong, trust them
~Try to travel in a group when possible
~Keep all your receipts for customs information
~If you're travelling to a warmer climate use sunscreen and stay hydrated

Wherever your destination, have a safe and happy vacation!

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