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  Celebrate Labour Day Weekend Safely

Aug 30, 2017 09:22 ET

As we wrap up the summer this Labour Day weekend, motorists and boaters are reminded to keep safety in mind while operating vehicles and vessels. The DRPS Traffic and Marine Units are offering some tips and reminders to ensure this long weekend is both safe and enjoyable on the roads and on the water.

Last year the Ontario Provincial Police deemed the Labour Day weekend the deadliest they had seen in 20 years. Twelve people were killed on the roads across the province that weekend and it's believed distracted driving could be a major part of the problem. One person also died on the water and another while operating an off-road vehicle. Please put your phones away while driving and focus on the road and arriving at your destination safely.

Before heading out of town, the Traffic Services Branch is reminding motorists to take the time to check their vehicles, including tires, wipers, brakes, lights, seatbelts and fluid levels to ensure safe operation at all times. Make sure your trailer connections are secure and your signal harnesses are attached properly and in good working order. Leave extra time knowing that traffic will be busy, and make sure you share the road with farm vehicles.

If you're heading out on the water this weekend, remember that under the Small Vessel Regulation of the Canada Shipping Act, all small vessels must be equipped with minimum safety features. These include personal floatation equipment, boat safety equipment, distress equipment and navigation equipment.

The operation of a vessel while impaired carries the same penalty as impaired driving of a motor vehicle on the highway. Penalties include a driver licence suspension, fine, and/or possible incarceration. Be safe, wear your personal flotation device and don't drink and boat!

Just a reminder that our In the Zone traffic initiative will be taking place on Tuesday as students head back to school. The campaign has officers from across the region targeting dangerous and aggressive drivers in or near school and community zones. Visit our website for more information on In the Zone on Monday.

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