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  Teaming Up on the Greens

Sep 22, 2017 10:21 ET

DRPS officers joined employees and supporters of local shelters for a charity golf tournament that raised more than $1,600.

Since 2010, S/Sgt. John Givelas has organized an annual golf tournament that not only raises money for shelters but also has a goal of building stronger connections between the shelters and front-line officers. Officers are teamed up with shelter workers for the round and can share their experiences on the job to better understand what each other faces every day.

"One of the most exciting aspects that has been learned in the wake of these golf tournaments is the new bonds and friendships that have been forged between front-line officers and shelter workers," said organizer S/Sgt. Givelas. "These relationships have endured beyond the golf tournament itself." He says participants have since arranged to meet together once again to plan how shelter employees can speak to their platoon on best practices for assisting victims of domestic violence in the future.

Every year the tournament has grown larger, with 2017 encompassing 72 golfers who raised more than $1,600 for the four shelters in Durham Region represented at the tournament. Officers were represented from each division and some speciality units and employees from Herizon House, Bethesda House, the YWCA and Denise House along with the Victim Services Unit played as well.

Thank you to everyone involved in this great day of golf and team building!

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