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  The Inaugural DRPS Women's Symposium

Oct 22, 2017 09:06 ET

The DRPS Recruiting team held the inaugural Women's Symposium at Regional Headquarters in Whitby on Saturday.

More than 100 women interested in a career in policing spent the day learning about this challenging and rewarding role.

The day was hosted by Cst. Amy Chatten of the Human Resources Unit, who started the morning with a presentation from the most senior female officer at DRPS. Supt. Kim Bulloch has been with DRPS for 34 years and brought greetings to the group. She discussed what it was like to be one of the only female officers when she was first sworn in. She encouraged the attendees to consider all roles at DRPS, both sworn and civilian.

The women then split into two groups and attended various workshops from members about the recruiting process and the various units. A panel of new and experienced officers, as well as an Auxiliary member, took the stage to discuss how working for DRPS has affected their lives. The audience was full of thoughtful questions and the panel provided insightful answers to help them in their journey.

One of the attendees asked how old is too old to apply to be an officer. Every member on the panel had the same answer: age doesn't matter. What matters is drive, passion and the ability to do the job and do it well.

Finally, the attendees participated in mock interviews with officers and members of the Human Resources Unit. This allowed them to prepare for interviews with the Service, should they be selected during a recruiting process.

Thank you to everyone who participated today. It was a great connection between current DRPS members and possible future members.

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Sgt Finateri reviews her time working in the drug unit (JPG file, 268.8K bytes)