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  Chief Aruba Takes The Reigns

Oct 24, 2018 09:02 ET

Our Chief for a Day Aruba Kashif spent an exciting day visiting DRPS divisions and units as part of her duties on October 24. After being picked up in a cruiser by Cst. Heather Wilson at Vincent Massey PS in Oshawa, Aruba was taken to Regional Headquarters to swear her Oath of Office in front of her family and new employees.

Chief Aruba was awarded the special honour after reading a compelling speech to a group of community judges on what she would do if she were the Chief of Durham Regional Police.

After the change of command ceremony with Chief Paul Martin, Chief Aruba spent a busy day visiting Traffic Services, Communications/911 and the new East Division and state of the art Forensic Investigative Services Unit. She topped off her day off with a ride over her school in Air 1, where she had the opportunity to wave to all her friends.

Aruba says she enjoyed all the units she visited and but really loved learning about forensics at East Division. The highlight of the day was definitely taking flight with her mom in Air1.

Chief Aruba will complete her duties when she reads her essay to a crowd of 600 people on Oct. 26 during the 15th Annual Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night.

Congratulations on a job well done Chief Aruba!

Below are attached files.
Chief Aruba doing radar with Traffic Services (JPG file, 5,280.8K bytes)
Chief Swearing in at Regional Headquarters (JPG file, 2,555.9K bytes)
Visiting Communications  (JPG file, 968.6K bytes)
Learning about Use of Force (JPG file, 967.9K bytes)
Checking out the motorcycle (JPG file, 1,073.5K bytes)
Getting set for a ride in the helicopter (JPG file, 1,306.4K bytes)
Ready for take off! (JPG file, 1,446.3K bytes)
Helicopter heads to Vincent Massey PS (JPG file, 530.5K bytes)
Checking out Forensic Ident (JPG file, 967.4K bytes)