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  Watch For Trick-or-Treaters Tuesday Night

Oct 30, 2017 12:48 ET

DRPS would like to remind residents that hundreds of children will be out trick or treating Tuesday, and to help make Halloween a safe and fun time for kids, we suggest the following safety tips:

*Dress children in light costumes or use reflective tape to make them visible at night

*Make sure your children can walk comfortably and will not be tripping on their costumes

*Obey all traffic and pedestrian laws. Do not assume drivers can see you

*If wearing a mask, ensure your children can see properly by enlarging eye openings, or better yet, replace the mask with makeup.

*Accompany your children while they trick or treat and bring a flashlight for dark paths and unlit areas

*Older children should stay in groups and use the buddy system. As a parent or caregiver, make sure you know the route they are taking and when you expect them home

*Make sure children trick or treat on only one side of the road at a time; avoid crossing back and forth

*Inspect your child's treats and ensure they do not eat the candy before you've had a chance to check it

Motorists are also advised to drive with extra caution during Halloween, especially on residential streets. Officers will be out in force Tuesday evening to handle any problems or safety concerns.

For more tips, check out Officer Astrid's Halloween safety video here .

The DRP wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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