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  Students Saying "Think of Me" with Anti-Drinking and Driving Campaign

Dec 06, 2017 11:23 ET

Students at Whitby Shores Public School helped launch the second annual "Think of Me" bag campaign. This partnership between the DRPS, the LCBO and local school boards had students from across Durham Region decorating brown paper bags with powerful anti-drinking and driving messages. Customers at the LCBO will see their holiday purchases wrapped in these messages in hopes they think twice about getting behind the wheels of a car while intoxicated.

Last year, DRPS Whitby School Liaison Officer Cst. Jason Cockburn worked with an LCBO Store Manager, Don Oliver, to distribute blank brown paper bags to schools who then had their students decorate the bags to warn of the dangers of impaired driving. More than 5,000 bags were created by students and distributed by the LCBO over the holiday season.

This year, every school in Durham was invited to participate. With a theme of "Think of Me" more than 26,000 students decorated bags. Each school picked their favourite bag and the best bag from each Division was chosen by DRPS and the LCBO for display at the launch.

The winners were:

East Division: St John Bosco Catholic School, Jin Jin - Grade 8
Central East Division: Dr. S J Phillips Public School, Tvisha Patel - Grade 6
Central West Division: Pringle Creek Public School, Evelyn Small-Woods - Grade 6
West Division: Bayview Heights Public School, Tasneem Hoque - Grade 8
North Division Winner: Goodwood Public School, Louise Meadway - Grade 8

DRPS Chief Martin chose the winning bag and school to be the host of next year's event Pringle Creek Public School's Evelyn Small-Woods. He thanked the students and told them he was impressed with their creativity and understanding of this important issue.

DRPS is asking residents to take to social media to expand the students' message. When you receive one of these bags at an LCBO, take a photo and share on social media with the hashtag: #Thinkofme

The programs runs across the province, but this year more than half of the bags were created in Durham Region. The LCBO will announce the province-wide winning bag design, which will be printed on 60,000 single-bottle bags and distributed to all LCBO stores across the province in advance of the 2018 May long-weekend.

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Students with their holiday bags (JPG file, 561.6K bytes)
Cst Cockburn speaks to the students at Whitby Shores PS (JPG file, 1,249.4K bytes)
Chief Martin addresses the crowd about the dangers of drinking and driving (JPG file, 1,519.9K bytes)
Don Oliver of the LCBO thanks the students for their hard work (JPG file, 1,120.7K bytes)
The top five finalists from each Division  (JPG file, 807.0K bytes)
Students giving their decorated bags to Chief Martin (JPG file, 1,292.6K bytes)