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  Long-Serving Members Feted

Sep 12, 2004 09:33 ET

Durham Regional Police Officers and civilian employees with 20 and 30 years of service were feted Friday night as the Service offered its thanks for a job well done.

Police Services Board Chair Doug Moffatt and Chief Kevin McAlpine joined Deputy Chiefs Chuck Mercier and Rod Piukkala during the gala ceremony in Oshawa’s General Sikorski Hall.

Recipients of 20-year police medals were Cst. Bradley Heron, Sgt. Jeff Hewett, Sgt. Bert Weigel and Cst. Andre Wyatt. Twenty-year awards went to civilians Pat Hetherington, Robert Hoover, Sheri Crago, Ed Maring, Carlene Makrevski, Louanne Middleton and Tracey Thompson.

Thirty-year pins were awarded to Cst. Dan Ballentine, Det. Cliff Carr, S/Sgt. Danny Carras, Det. Bud Fluke, Cst. Jeff Gibson, Cst. Pat Judges, Cst. David Mann, S/Sgt. David Morrissey, Sgt. Ronald Nabert, Cst. John Payne, Cst. Chris Partridge, Sgt. Terry Richardson, Sgt. Kevin Slaney and Sgt. James Smith. Civilian trophies for 30 years of service went to Susan Shetler and Robert Woodward.

Twenty-year Auxiliary Officer Ed Maring was also recognized for the thousands of hours he has devoted to the Auxuliary Unit. Ed is also a Special Constable in our Courts Branch.

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Bert Weigel, Chief and Chair Moffatt (JPG file, 133.4K bytes)