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  28th National Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Service

Sep 26, 2005 09:24 ET

Sep. 25 marked the annual National Police and Peace Officers’ memorial service held at Parliament Hill. 40 members from DRP, as well as thousands of police and peace officers from across the country attended the event to honour colleagues who were killed in the line of duty.

In the past year, nine police and peace officers made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our communities safe. They are:
Constable Anthony R.O. Gordon, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Whitecourt, AB
Constable Leo N. Johnston, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Mayerthorpe, AB
Constable Brock W. Myrol, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Mayerthorpe, AB
Constable Peter C. Schiemann, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Mayerthorpe, AB
Parole Officer Louise Pargeter, Correctional Services of Canada, Yellowknife, NWT
Constable Michael J. Siydock, Ontario Provincial Police, Port Credit, ON
Constable J.M.M. Jean Minguy, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Vernon, BC
Constable Jose M. Agostinho, Royal Canandian Mounted Police, Leduc, AB
Constable Andrew J. Potts, Ontario Provincial Police, Bracebridge, ON

Their names will be added to the Memorial Honour Roll, which includes the names of 715 fallen officers. The service is a lasting tribute to the sacrifice of those brave men and women. "THEY ARE OUR HEROES, WE SHALL NOT FORGET THEM".

In 1998, the federal government officially proclaimed the last Sunday of September as Police and Peace Officers' National Memorial Day. This Service gives Canadians an opportunity to express their appreciation for the ultimate dedication of these police and peace officers.

The Canadian Professional Police Association (CPPA), the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Peace Officers’ Memorial Association (CPOMA) organize the National Memorial Day Service.

Pictures of the fallen officers are available at:

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