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  DRP Leads the Way by Digitizing Crime Scene Photos

Sep 28, 2005 10:10 ET

DRP investigators, forensic officers and the Crown Attorney’s office have been recognized for being leaders in the use of technology to access and share scenes of crime photographs.

The DRPS is the first municipal police service to go "fully digital" with scenes of crime photographs and have purchased a large server to share these images with local prosecutors. This leading edge technology greatly speeds up the time it takes to share information with the Crown's Office and will save the DRPS an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 a year in staff time, storage and film developing costs.

The new system allows digital crime scene photographs to be placed on a special, secure server and accessed as “read only” files. This process ensures the originals are untouched and usable in court.

When the idea was first brought forward by FIU leader D/Sgt. Herb Curwain and Det. Tom Melnick, it was immediately supported by the Crown Attorney’s office. Crown Attorney John Scott, with the assistance of Crown office manager Anne Weber and Assistant Crown Kent Saliwonchyk, helped provide the necessary resources and technical knowledge to make this project a success.

Every year, the best and most innovative projects from municipal, provincial and federal public sector organizations are invited to exhibit in the Public Sector Quality Fair. DRP’s joint project with the Crown was accepted for this year’s fair to be held Oct. 6 at the National Trade Centre in Toronto. Our very first entry to this prestigious forum received a silver award and will be in booth #507.

For more information about this project, please contact D/Sgt. Curwain at (905) 579-1520 ext.5520 or for information on the Quality Fair, visit their web site at:

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Crime scene (JPG file, 30.8K bytes)
Det. Melnick and D/Sgt. Curwain with media (JPG file, 147.2K bytes)
D/Sgt. Curwain and the Crown's team (JPG file, 165.2K bytes)