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  Change of Chief Ceremony

Oct 05, 2005 05:16 ET

Several hundred police officers, friends and family members attended an emotional ceremony Oct. 3rd in which outgoing Police Chief Kevin McAlpine officially handed over the reigns of the DRPS to Vern White.

Chief McAlpine performed his last ceremonial functions by inspecting the Honour Guard, signing a Change of Chief declaration with Police Services Board Chair Doug Moffatt and Chief White and swearing in Chief White as the new Chief. To symbolize his leaving the DRPS after eight years, Chief McAlpine walked slowly from the procession grounds into the nearby Regional Administrative Facility.

Chief McAlpine has served as a police officer for 33 years, a remarkable 19 of which was as a Chief of Police. He thanked his wife Faye and his sons Andrew and Cameron for their love and support over the years and said he was looking forward to retirement.

Board Chair Doug Moffatt praised Chief McAlpine for his efforts and welcomed Chief White, calling him "one of our nation's top police leaders."

Our new police chief, Vernon White, thanked the Board for its support and praised Kevin McAlpine, the management team, the police associations and all members for building a "tremendous organization" in Durham Region. He said he looks forward to working closely with the community and meeting the challenges to ensure our community stays healthy, safe and vibrant.

Some of those in attendance included York RPS Chief Armand La Barge; Ottawa Police Chief Vince Bevan; Halton Regional Police Chief Ean Algar; RCMP Assistant Commissioner Seguin, Toronto Police Deputy Chief Keith Forde; as well as Director General for CSIS (Ontario) Charles Bison.

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