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  DRP Members Honoured By Cardiac Survivors

Jun 27, 2006 05:05 ET

Twenty-one members of the Durham Regional Police Communications Unit were recently recognized for their work in helping save lives.

The Cardiac Safe Community Program gave cardiac survivors from across Durham the opportunity to thank emergency workers at its 7th annual Survivor Day.

Twenty-three lives were saved in Durham over the past year thanks to the hard work and commitment of Fire officials, EMS, community workers and police. The youngest survivor was just one-year-old.

The Cardiac Safe Community program operates out of Lakeridge Health with several community sponsors and is working to increase the number of public access defibrillators in the community. To date, 60 defibrillators are in place at 32 locations across the Durham Region.

Honoured members of DRP include Vicki Reid, Kristen Hunter, Kim Hook, Stacey Sullivan, Katie Bassett, Samantha Bedford, Sean Carmichael, Shellie Taylor, Sara-Lynn Babcock, Tracey Thompson, Gord Taschuk, Lisa Nash, Karen Lenihan, Art Mullen, Christina Reid, Katie Bassett, Liz Powers, Tami Hartford, Colin Charles, Kate Mintz and Kerilyn LeClair.

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