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  The Passing of Retired Police Service Dog Iron

Aug 18, 2006 10:36 ET

Retired police dog Iron was recently put to rest after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was one of the most decorated dogs in DRPS history with over 150 arrests during his five years of service.

Iron joined DRP in 1997 with 16 weeks of training with the Toronto Police, and hit the ground running in 1998 with his partner Sgt. Dave Saliba. He was well known for his intensity and aggressive style. Although Iron’s career was cut short due to a back injury, he managed to make numerous memorable arrests.

One high profile arrest involved the shooting of a male during a game of basketball. The victim and suspect engaged in a dispute ending when the suspect shot the victim four times in the chest. Three males fled the scene with officers in pursuit. The suspect vehicle crashed and the suspects continued on foot. Iron arrived at the scene and due to the circumstances was permitted to free track the suspects. Iron located the suspect within two minutes and held him until his partner arrived.

Another case Iron assisted in was with a missing North Durham boy. The 9-year-old was playing in the woods with his friend and his friend’s dog when the boys became separated. The one boy managed to find his way home but one did not return. The K9 unit was called to the scene and Iron commenced his search. Iron followed the scent from a ½ a mile away and stopped at the edge of a swampy area. The local Fire Department obtained a boat and headed in the direction Iron had led them and located the boy and the dog. Iron and Sgt. Saliba received an award from the Toronto Humane Society for Bravery Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

After Iron’s retirement he made the transition to beloved family dog. Sgt. Saliba’s son and Iron were the best of friends and constant companions. Iron even visited the boy's Jr. Kindergarten class, who all got to have their picture taken with this distinguished dog.

Iron was an asset to DRPS and a beloved member of his family. He will be greatly missed.

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