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  Pedestrians Reminded to "Do The Bright Thing"

Nov 08, 2017 19:17 ET

As the winter approaches, the days are get shorter and unfortunately the number of pedestrian related collisions on our roads increases. In an effort to raise awareness, DRPS officers and members of GO Transit were in Ajax Wednesday evening to kick-off the "Do the Bright Thing" campaign.

The campaign is aimed at promoting and reinforcing pedestrian safety in the early morning and evening hours. Officers handed out LED lights to commuters coming off the trains at the GO station and reminded them about the importance of making themselves visible to motorists. Pedestrians can stay safe by wearing reflective clothing, avoiding texting on their phones and using caution while crossing the street. Motorists are asked to watch out for pedestrians especially in low light or poor weather.

Some other tips include:


* Cross with care. Make eye contact with drivers and wait until traffic has stopped before you cross
* Pay Attention. Avoid distractions such as texting
* Get noticed. Wear bright clothing and reflective gear, especially in low light or poop weather.
* Be predictable. Use crosswalks and intersections. Never jaywalk.
* Heads up at intersections. Don't start to cross on the flashing hand or countdown signal. Finish crossing quickly if you've already started.


* Pay attention. Avoid distractions, do not text and drive
* See and Be seen. Make eye contact with pedestrians
* Watch for vehicles slowing down around you. They may be yielding to a pedestrian.
* Heads up at intersections. Follow traffic lights, not the flashing hand or countdown signal. Pedestrian signals aren't always timed to traffic lights.

Lets work together to ensure everyone can travel safely in our region!

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