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  Fire Evacuation Practice at Fairview Lodge

Oct 03, 2018 13:29 ET

Four years ago, Fairview Lodge in Whitby was engulfed in flames with over 200 senior residents evacuated. The original building was demolished and now a brand new three-storey residence stands in the same location.

DEMO partners, including DRPS, Whitby Fire and Durham Region Transit, conducted a fire evacuation drill at Fairview Lodge on October 3, involving approximately 30 residents and staff members. Although the drill was held in the morning, the scenario mocked a nighttime fire to mimic staffing levels and included bus transportation to a mock shelter.

The drill provided participating members the opportunity to practice emergency procedures and work through the challenges of a fire evacuation at a long-term care facility. It also exposed participants to the services provided by the Red Cross and St. John Ambulance in support of a response to a community disaster.

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Fire Evacuation Drill (JPG file, 364.0K bytes)
Red Cross Volunteers (JPG file, 4,089.6K bytes)
St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog (JPG file, 5,554.2K bytes)
DRPS and Whitby Fire (JPG file, 5,004.3K bytes)