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  Distracted Driving Initiative Wraps Up In Whitby

Nov 30, 2018 13:44 ET

Members from Central West Division handed out more than 400 tickets to drivers during a month-long roadway safety initiative on Taunton Road that focused on distracted and aggressive driving.

A designated team comprised of four front-line uniform patrol officers and the Traffic Safety Coordinator from Central West Division carried out a combined enforcement and educational effort in November to discourage drivers from using their cellphones while operating a motor vehicle.

Earlier this year, a community safety concern emerged when it was learned that there was an increase in the number of collisions at various intersections along Taunton Road through Central West Division. While increased traffic volumes on Taunton Road has led to some of the increase, past historical traffic data has also shown that many of these crashes were also attributed to distracted driving.

In total, the team deployed out of Central West Division throughout the month of November issued 419 Provincial Offence Notices related to the Unlawful Use of a Hand-held Communication Device while Operating a Motor Vehicle. An additional 100 traffic tickets were also issued to offending motorists for violations under the Highway Traffic Act, including Driving While Under Suspension, and offences under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act.

We urge all motorists to be mindful of the laws related to the illegal use of a cellphone while operating a vehicle. This dangerous habit is one of the top causes of collisions on our roadways.

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