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  Collision Reporting Centre

Apr 04, 2018 13:36 ET

The CRC, located at 650 Rossland Road East in Whitby, helps motorists deal with non-injury collisions in a more convenient and safer manner. Rather than police attending the scene of non-injury collisions, citizens will exchange information and will have up to 24 hours to report property damage-only collisions by towing or driving their vehicles to the CRC.

If you are involved in a collision, call the police. If the collision is minor in nature and resulted in no injuries, the drivers will be instructed over the phone to attend the CRC with their involved vehicle if the collision occurred in the catchment area.

Factors that will be considered by the call-taker to determine if the driver will attend the CRC include:

- Suspected criminal activity, such as impaired driving.
- Whether there is evidence at the scene by a vehicle that failed to remain
- Damage caused to private or municipal property

Large commercial motor vehicles cannot attend the CRC and will require an officer to attend if involved in a collision.

The catchment area is defined as regional police patrolled roadways, bordered by Durham/York Rd 30 to the west, Darlington Clark Townline to the East and any collision south of Highway 7. Any collision not included in the catchment area will have an officer respond to investigate at the scene.

Remember, if you are involved in a collision, call the police and members of the DRPS 911/Communications Unit will provide instructions on how to proceed.

Any questions regarding the CRC should be directed to S/Sgt. Courneyea of the Traffic Services Branch at 1-888-579-1502 ext. 3508.

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