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  Internet Safety

Apr 28, 2010 14:59 ET

The Internet can be a fun and entertaining way to chat with your friends and family. You can keep in touch with them on Facebook, Twitter, MSN or chat rooms but you must always be careful and know who you are talking to. The Internet can be dangerous and we want to help protect you.

If you are talking to someone online, it could be a friend, family member, coach, teacher or even a stranger, they should never ask you to do, watch or send something that makes you uncomfortable. This could also happen to your friends or siblings.

If this happens, you need to tell someone. If you aren’t ready to talk to your parents or an adult you can tell us right now and we can help you. You won’t be in trouble and we don’t have to contact your parents, we just need to know about it. You can also ask us about Internet safety or advice.

Please click here to send us the information and we will look after it right away. And remember you can always call us at (905) 579-1520. Adults can also use this to let us know their concerns.