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Dec 11, 2018 11:11 ET

** NEW ** Report your driving complaint online

ROAD WATCH is a community based program that is utilized in many towns and cities in Ontario. It is aimed at making drivers more aware of their actions.

The program is run by volunteers who live in our community, and in conjunction with the Durham Regional Police Service. The ROAD WATCH program is active in Whitby, Clarington, Ajax and Pickering.

ROAD WATCH provides residents an opportunity to report dangerous and aggressive driving throughout the Durham Region. If you observe aggressive or dangerous driving, fill out a PDF version of our Citizen's Report Form and drop it off at one of our ROAD WATCH boxes (listed on the form.)

Aggressive driving may include:
  • Excessive speeding,
  • Tailgating,
  • Failure to stop, and
  • Any act that puts other drivers at a high risk of collision or injury.
Record as much information as possible. Even if you are unable to record the licence number, submit the form so police have information on high-risk areas in the community. It is important that the form be signed to safeguard the system from abuse. Your personal information is used for statistical purposes only and is held in the strictest of confidence by us.

If a driver is reported more than once, the police will contact that individual regarding the reports. Subsequent offences may result in enforcement action by the police depending on the severity of the incident.

You can contact Durham Region's ROAD WATCH by e-mail at You can visit the Ajax/Pickering ROAD WATCH site at The following DRP officers can also be reached at (905) 579-1520:

Municipality of Clarington - Cst. Gagnon at ext. 1630
Town of Whitby - Cst. Carquez at ext. 1850
Town of Ajax and City of Pickering - Constable Campbell at ext. 2521

(For some facts on road rage, view information on our Public Safety Tips - Motor Vehicle section.)

Below are attached files.
Road Watch - Citizen's Report Form (PDF file, 65.9K bytes)