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  High Risk Review Panel

Mar 15, 2010 13:47 ET

Durham Regional Police has a "second pair of eyes" to help them review the files of high-risk offenders.

On April 23, 2002, Durham Regional Police Chief Kevin McAlpine and Deputy Chief Rod Piukkala announced the membership and mandate of the Durham Regional Police High Risk Offender Community Panel at a news conference. The group has been meeting ever since and is now a model for other police services.

The primary objective of the High-Risk Advisory Panel is to use the unique knowledge, skills, experience and expertise of community members to review Durham Regional Police Service management strategies for high-risk offenders in the community.

The Panel also assists police to educate the public about behaviours and risks associated with high-risk offenders. Sex offenders will always live in our communities - by dispelling the many myths about pedophilia and violent offenders and replacing them with facts, we encourage public safety through realistic prevention strategies.

The Panel can recommend that extra measures be put in place for high-risk offender about to be released in the community, including judicial orders and changes to probation orders (such as curfews).

The Panel is made up of experts in the field of risk assessment and also includes representatives of the public and separate school systems. Members include:

  • Dr. Robin Wilson, a professional forensic psychologist and resident of Durham Region, considered a leading authority in the field of risk assessment. He is employed by Correctional Services Canada and is very familiar with assessing the risk of offenders.
  • Joe Hircock, Superintendent of Education for Whitby Area Schools and the Safety and Security leader for the Durham District School Board.
  • Chris Hurst, Superintendent of Education - Ajax, Pickering Uxbridge Family of Schools - with the Durham Catholic District Separate School Board
  • Brian Fazackerley, one of the few police officers in Ontario with a Masters Degree in Law, Staff Inspector Fazackerley, LL.B., LL.M. - one of the architects of the Police Services Act when he was employed by the provincial government. He is considered one of the top legal experts in Ontario in the interpretation of the Police Services Act
  • Officer in Charge of the DRPS Sexual Assault Unit
  • Officer in Charge of the DRPS Offender Management Unit
  • Superintendent of the DRPS Regional Operations Branch
  • Leader of the Oshawa Community Police Office
  • Det. Tracey Marshall
  • Denise Noakes, SOR
  • Officer in Charge of Crime Administration
  • Community Police Office Leader - within the area in which the offender is living.
The panel can make recommendations to the Chief regarding public notification of an offender (name, address, photo release, etc.), but it must remain advisory in nature due to existing legislation, which allows only a Chief to disclose certain types of personal information.

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